Hot Tub Time Machine:: Yeah, I liked it (but I didn’t love it)

If you are a child of the 80s like I am, you may like this goofball comedy.  I enjoyed parts of it, although I’m not sure that I was their target audience.  Although much of the jokes were 80s related , there was much humor that was locker room related.  I like a crude joke as much as the next person but this was just gross for gross’ sake.  It seemed specifically aimed at 13 year old boys, which is odd because they are one demographic that cannot remember the 80s, and nostalgia was the platform for most of the movie.

Having said that I liked that the science of the time travel was loose and unconsequential, I also liked that Chevy Chase was the mystical janitor that may or may not have known what was going on and I loved the nod to Better Off Dead, one of my favorite movies and the reason that I love John Cusack.  It’s subtle, see if you can find it.  There were many moments when they out and out made fun of the movie that they were filming and there was even a message: be true to your friends.  It was also ripe with the idea of “if you havd it to do all over again, would you make the same choices?”  Not so much a message as someting to ponder, since doing it all over again isn’t really an option…yet.

It was no The Hangover, but it had it’s moments.  The bottom line is that it worked as what it was: a goofy, crude, time travel movie that gave an opportunity to laugh about the 80s and our youth.  This review is short because there is really not all that much to say about Hot Tub Time Machine except maybe that John Cusack is still adorable.


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