How to read and write entertainment reviews

Seems like a simple enough thing to do, right?  We often ask our friends who saw a film or tv show before us, was it good?  I think this is only a helpful thing to ask if you know that you have the same taste as that friend, because that’s what it all comes down to, taste… for the most part.  A movie review shouldn’t say, “this was good” or “this was bad”, or at least it shouldn’t only say that.  It should tell you what type movie it was and tell you what else you would need to have already liked to like it.  It should describe the performances, direction, cinematography, music and writing incase any one of those factors are the most important part of a movie to one of it’s readers.  Knowing your own tastes is helpful, but sometimes the reader doesn’t know why they liked a certain film, so they don’t know if they will like another that is compared to it, simply because they don’t know what part is similar.  Again it’s the reviewer’s job to spell out as much of that as they can.

I’ll make you a deal: I’ll do my best to write these kind of informative reviews if you a. read them, b. tell me after you’ve seen a film if my review had been helpful and c. tell me what you’d like to read about.  Deal?  Good.  Read on then.


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