My 2010

This is a submission to, a great blog by writer Julie Gray.  The rules were 300 words or less about your 2010: are you the same person?


2010, it sounds so futuristic and now it’s about to be the past.  My 2010 brought me one of the best gifts I could have ever asked for: a calling.  After reading/listening to The Element by Ken Robinson I decided once and for all that I needed to know what my passion in life was.  I have been an actress and a clairvoyant for hire both of which turned out to not be my true calling.  And I have been dying to have a calling.  Through a series of events and people I found Brett.  No he isn’t my calling, but working with him is.  I found my professional soul mate.


I found my life soul mate (although I hate that term) ten years ago this coming New Years Day, but I was awakened to myself in a new way when I met my writing partner. I have believed in my heart that I was a writer for the last 9 years, but to join forces with someone and create in a way that, put simply, makes me happier than I ever thought working could.


So many other things happened this year too, I got an office job, I watched my sister shed 100 lbs that she had carried for decades, I became the Newsletter editor for my neighborhood, I participated in my first film festival, I watched my niece run a cross country meet, I read a series of books with my nephew, and had two friends “dump” me.  Although all of these things are worth mentioning, I don’t think any of them compare with finding my Sundance.  I feel alive in a way that I haven’t in years and I am looking forward to 2011 with a nervous stomach and hope.



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